Media manager

Organize and manage files on your Joomla site

Manage your media

Manage all your media files and folders easily and fast.

Media Manager - Balbooa Joomla Extensions
Manage media with drag and drop - Joomla Media Manager
Drag and drop file - Joomla Media Manager

Managing made simple

Easy drag and drop to move media files through folders on your site.

Everything you need

The media manager includes all the necessary features for managing files and folders.

Upload and download
Create, rename and delete
Search media
Tools - Joomla Media Manager
Manage Files - Joomla Media Manager

Right click menu

Manage your media files using the context menu, like on the desktop.

Context Menu - Joomla Media Manager
Context Menu Options - Joomla Media Manager

Commonly asked questions

You do not need to download media manager, it is already built into our Joomla extensions.

All of our Joomla extensions come with a media manager.

Media manager cannot be installed as a standalone extension as it is a built-in tool that comes with our Joomla extensions.

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