For what I need Joomla JCE editor?

We have already considered 3 question in Joomla SEO tips section, you can't even imagine how important are they, and now we will explain the next question: For what i need Joomla JCE editor?

For what it was created at all? For convenience. You know, not all Joomla users want to customize HTMl code in standard Joomla articles, because you have to customize all text, than save and go to front end and see what you get...and if it not looks like you want - you have to repeat the process, it is annoying!

In order you to not start hate Joomla, guys from JCE team created Joomla Content editor.

Joomla JCE editor gives all what you need for SEO optimization in one place, you can create:

  • titles
  • headings
  • text
  • lists
  • highlights
  • links

and all changes you will see on one page. But those who are working with search engines will know that visitors reach your pages not only through text, but through images too. Joomla JCE editor allows you to add the description of your image as well as add the dimensions right within the image upload tool.

We think that JCE editor is the most easy to use and stable content editor for Joomla, so if you don't want to write a big number of HTML tags and want to make your content well managed and optimized you totally have to upload it in your Joomla.