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Renaming the htaccess File on Your Joomla Website.

If you want to make URLs more attractive to people you certainly need to enable Joomla SEO setting which is called URL rewriting. On the second step of Joomla SEO tips you need to rename htaccess.txt to .htaccess on your Joomla website, when i took first steps in Joomla I didn't really understand why this is it necessary, so I decided to explain why is it needed:

What is the htaccess.txt file?

For Joomla the htaccess.txt file is a part of the core download. You need to find it in the root of your Joomla installation.

Why is it needed to rename it?

If you want to enable URL rewriting function in Joomla SEO you need to make htaccess.txt file understandable for your Apache server. Your Apache server don't accept htaccess.txt file, but if you rename it to .htaccess it becomes a special Apache file.

What the .htaccess file do?

The basic function of the .htaccess file is to rewrite URLs that consist of system information to more friendly for user view. Apache must know some information about URLs that Joomla produces, and all needed information is stored in the .htaccess file.

Why i should take care about URLs?

If you want your Joomla website URLs normal view, not like set of number and words, you have to know the .htaccess file. That means that your URLs will be more friendly to SEO, will contain the most important keywords and have a normal view. This will influence on the search engines index as well as your visitors will be able to remember them in ease way.

So a Link like

Will not do as well as