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How to Select the Best Joomla Hosting and Server

The first and the most import step is a choosing of the best Joomla hosting and the right type of Joomla server. We have discussed Joomla technical requirements to hosting, and now we will expand this topic.

Step 1: Select the best Joomla Hosting.

Don’t skimp on hosting! Good hosting is a way to success! Hosting providers in the pursuit of customer offer a a lot of disc space for cheap money, and most of clients are tempted by this, and buy that type hosting. But clients never think about the memory that hosting companies are allocate or CPU time limits and many websites become slow or even blocked because of this. One more you can’t even imagine how many websites will lay on the same server! All this are influence on your position in search, because search engines can consider cheap hosting company like untrusted.

And the last, your Joomla hosting provider must have 24/7 support system, to get all answers quickly, because if you would have any problems, it is necessary to get an answer in a minute. Trust only the best hosting companies and your Joomla website will be superior.

Step 2: Select the best Joomla server.

After you choose the best hosting, you have to make sure that you Joomla server is the best too. To save time and protect yourself from headaches, we recommend to choose only Apache server with mod_rewrite installed. This type of server is the most common for Joomla websites, your urls will be in safe and customizing of your website will pass easily.

It is important to choose server that is located in a country where you want to promote you business and website. Search engines will give preference to pages that are located on the servers in their country. So if after research the most of your potential customers are in USA, you have to locate your Joomla website on the USA server. If you make like that you will totally achieve the success.

The list of recommended hosting companies.

Best Joomla Hosting - is a hosting company that was developed from an open source community, and we feel that a Free Joomla Hosting option is the best way to serve the community. Anyone can use our platform, launch a Joomla or WordPress site, and have it hosted for free, indefinitely.