Joomla SEO Tips for Your Website

Hello, we are starting a new section on Balbooa Knowledgebase, that will be about Joomla SEO and the most related topics. For what we are starting it? To teach you how to make your website visible for the search engines and get more visitors. If you think that you just need to set Joomla template, fill in a great content and all, you are mistaken.

There are a huge number of people who are waiting, with a money in their hands, for the launching of you superior website! But there's one problem: how they can give their money to you if they probably aren't going to be able to find your website in the first place? That Problem can solve Joomla SEO. SEO is a great way to promote your website, Joomla has a great number of SEO tools and there a lot of Joomla SEO extension that can make optimization of the website much more easier. So check the topics that are bellow, and get more customers:

Joomla Hosting and Server.

Choosing of Joomla hosting and server is one of the most important steps in Joomla SEO, because the working speed of your Joomla website influence on the perception by the search engines, and your search positions will depend on this.

Joomla SEO tips for your website. Joomla Hosting and server.

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For What I Need to Rename the htaccess File.

Renaming of the htaccess file is a very needed step, but not every knows for what they are doing that. When I did my first steps in Joomla I face this problem too, so I want to explain you this question.

Joomla SEO tips for your website. Joomla friendly URLs.

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How to Enable SEF URLs and URL Rewriting?

SEF URLs and URL rewriting are two functions with a help of which you can make the URLs of your website more friendly.

Joomla SEO tips for your website. How to Enable SEF URLs and URL Rewriting?

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For What I Need Joomla JCE Editor?

Joomla Content Editor is a tool which will help you to manage your content in on place without any HTML tags.

Joomla SEO tips for your website. For what i need Joomla JCE editor?

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301 Redirect From www to non-www.

Joomla is not WordPress, and it isn't automatically make 301 redirect from www to non-website. This apparently creates a really important problem to solve which you have to manually customize your .htaccess file.

301 redirect from www to non-www.

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