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Customer File Uploads

How to Setup Mail in Joomla?

To have ability to send a receive emails from your customers, you have to setup mail on your Joomla website. Bellow your will find detailed instruction how to setup mail in Joomla.

To setup mail in Joomla you need to use the SMTP Server. For this you have to turn on SMTP Authentication and set correct details for it.

If you made no changes during Joomla installation, your Joomla template will use the PHP Main function to send mails. For change it to SMTP server follow this steps:

Step 1: Log in

Log into Joomla.

How to setup mail in Joomla? Log in.

Step 2: Global Configuration

To get in setting to setup mail in Joomla, in the left menu click on System=> Global Configuration.

How to setup mail in Joomla? Global Configuration

Step 3: Server tab

After you entered "Global Configuration", click on "Server" tab.

How to setup mail in Joomla? Server

Step 4: Change mail settings

Change "PHP Mail" to "SMTP".

How to setup mail in Joomla? SMTP

Step 5: Customize mail settings

In the right bottom corner find "Mail settings" and, to setup mail in Joomla, set them like this:

  • SMTP Authentication – Yes
  • SMTP Security – None
  • SMTP Port – 25
  • SMTP Username – email@yourdomain.сom
  • SMTP Password – The correct password for the email account you entered as Username.
  • SMTP Host – This can be your domain name.
How to setup mail in Joomla? Mail Settings

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