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How to Display Module Positions in Joomla?

When you are developing a new Joomla website, you definitely need to know what joomla module positions your Joomla template consist of. For correct displaying each element has to be in it's Joomla module position. So to know how to show module positions in Joomla follow this simple steps:

Step 1: Log into Joomla;

Log into your Joomla website admin area.

How to display module positions in Joomla? log in

Step 2: Template manager;

To show Joomla module positions, go to Extensions => Template manager.

Show Joomla module positions. template manager

Step 3: Options;

Click Options button on the top right corner to enter the menu where you can display module positions in Joomla.

Show Joomla module positions. Options

Step 4: Enable module positions;

Choose Enable on Preview Module Positions row to show module positions in Joomla and click save.

Show Joomla module positions. Enable Module Position

Step 5: See the results.

Go to the frontend, type ?tp=1 at the end of your url and see that all Joomla module positions are displayed


Show Joomla module positions? Show Module Position

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