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Customer File Uploads

How to Change Favicon in Joomla Template?

Favicon can be your logo or other picture that will stand out your Joomla website from others. After Joomla template installation there will be standard favicon, and you will need to know the answer on question How in Joomla to change favicon Favicon creates a visual perception with your site, just like logo, so you will totally need to upload your custom favicon. Follow this simple steps and you will know how to change favicon on your Joomla website:

Step 1: Find the favicon;

After installation of Joomla template you will see the small icon on the top left corner of the window, it is called favicon.

Joomla change favicon

Step 2: Create 16x16px image;

You can use professional design tools such as Photoshop, or try simple favicon creator


Step 3: Convert favicon.

Convert favicon into .ico format with a help of online tools.

Step 4: Upload your favicon.

Copy converted favicon with a .ico extension to /joomla/templates/<your template> folder and name in favicon.ico

Step 5: See the result

Open your browser and favicon must be changed after refreshing, if not, just clear your cache and all will be fine.

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