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Customer File Uploads

No Input File Specified in Joomla

We are continue helping people understand Joomla, we already have reviewed a lot of Joomla tutorials and today is the next.

We are going to review the next important problem with that you can face after installation of Joomla quickstart.

If after an installation of Joomla you receive No input file specified error message, don’t panic, this error can take place and it come from your web-hosting. Read the steps below and find out how to solve No input file specified in Joomla.

Step 1: Log into Joomla admin area;

To solve this error, first you need to enter the admin area of your Joomla website.

No input file specified in Joomla. log in

Step 2: Enter Global Configuration settings;

Go to the Syste menu on the right top corner and select Global Configuration.

No input file specified global configuration

Step 3: Disable SEO Settings;

The final step to fix No input file specified in Joomla is to switch off Search Engine Friendly URLs, after that all have to be fine.

No input file specified in Joomla. Seo settings

All would have been fine, but you need this short urls, there are another way to solve solve No Input File specified error in Joomla. Follow this steps:

Step 1: Rename htaccess;

Rename htaccess file from htaccess.txt to .htaccess

Step 2: Download htaccess;

Download .htaccess to desktop and add it with Notepad++ or another editor

Step 3: Rewrite Base;

Find the line that has

# RewriteBase /

Step 4: Remove # sign;

Remove the # sign to uncomment

Step 5; Sub-directory;

If your site is on a sub-directory the above should appear like this,
RewriteBase /yourJoomlaRootFolder/

Step 6: Upload .htaccess;

Use FTP to upload the .htaccess file to your web server.

Step 7: Enable SEF options;

Enable SEF options again in Global Configuration.

Step 8: Refresh

Refresh browser and check to see if it is working.

If it still isn’t working open .htaccess file in edit mode and search for options


and add the below right after it

Options -MultiViews

And update your changed file again, then check your menu items.

If this still doesn’t work, please contact with your server/host support and send them all of the above information and with the error No Input File Specified in Joomla, because you may have a server issue.