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Customer File Uploads

After Joomla quickstart installation the website is not like on the demo

For comfortable installation every Joomla template package includes quickstart. After installing of that you get a ready website. But what you have to do if after installation of the Joomla quickstart the website is not like on the demo? We will help you to find the solution

Download the Joomla Quckstart

Before starting the installation, make sure that you have downloaded Joomla quickstart of the template.

Follow the instruction of the article: How to install Joomla quickstart package in details.

Install Sample Data

It is the most frequent mistake that is made during Joomla quickstart installation. If you forget to install sample data you will get an empty Joomla, without template. So select "Default English(GB) Sample Data".

How to install Joomla! 3.x Sample data installation

Now you know how to install Joomla quickstart correctly. Set 5 stars if the article is helpful! Check all Joomla tutorials to get more knowledge.