JavaScript optimization

To get the best results speed optimization of your website you have to learn JavaScript optimization.


While you are developing you should ensure that the code is clear, this is totally related to JavaScript. If you wouldn't think about JavaScript optimization your website will the slower website in a world. JavaScript make your website awesome and at the same time bad, depends on how you use it.

If you write a lot of JavaScript or write not optimized JavaScript you will get nothing. According to this very important to make deal only with professional JavaScript developers, but also it is not a panacea. Developer can write all code correctly, but the webpage will work slowly. To make an awesome fast website use JavaScript optimization tools that will discussed bellow.

JS Minifier

JS Minifier is a Web-based tool for shrinking your JavaScript code to make it as lightweight as possible.

JavaScript optimization js minifier

Try JS Minifier and make your JavaScript optimized

YUI Compressor

The YUI Compressor is another well-regarded JavaScript code-optimization tool developed by Yahoo!.

JavaScript optimization YUI Compressor

Try YUI Compressor and make your JavaScript optimized


ShrinkSafe is a compression tool that reduces JavaScript file sizes.

JavaScript optimization ShrinkSafe

Try ShrinkSafe and make your JavaScript optimized


JSMIN is a popular JavaScript minifier that removes unneeded characters (like spaces and tabs) and comments, thus reducing your script’s file size. Note! It is an offline tool.

JavaScript optimization JSMINI

Try JSMIN and make your javascript optimized

So, now you have optimized our JavaScript files, to learn more about your website optimization visit our Joomla tutorials section.