Top 5 image optimization tools

Hi dudes, we hope you have learned a lot in our Joomla tutorials section. Today we continue consider the questions about website speed optimization and page uploading speed optimization.

"In the beginning was the Word..." In real life we are share information with a help of words, but not only with a help of that. At the same time we are using gestures and images, and it is very important, because visual information perceived much easier than oral. When you are showing something on image to your friend the time of understanding what you want to show is decreases, what to speak of you can be understandable for every person in a World, you don't need to learn languages, you can just show on image.

But what will your friend do if you wouldn't have the right image or have a half of image? We think he wouldn't understand you and he will leave you and think that your conversion is nonsense and he can't waste time on waiting.

All the same takes place on the web. The words are power, but without images your website will be very boring and not understandable. So you have to insert the images into your website, when you decide to do it you will face the problem of page uploading time.

Everyone want to insert the images of the best quality, to make an image qualitatively displayed on all devices from mobile phone to a huge monitor. If you will upload an image in original size your page uploading speed will come to value of some minutes, and it is very bad, we give 100% percent that your potential client will already be on competitor website. So, "what i have to do?", - you will ask, and we answer "Use image optimization tools!"

Image optimization is the most important step in page uploading speed optimization. The best thing is that your images will stay in superior quality but the size of them will be 3x less. You don't have to learn Photoshop or something else, just start using image optimization tools and save your precious time. In every image optimization tool that is discussed below you will find all you need, turn your picture, manage quality, lightness and brightness, resolution. So enjoy top 5 image optimization tools and make finally your page speed uploading excellent.


PunyPNG is an image optimization tool for webdesigners and developers. It allows to download up to 10 images per at a time, after compressing you will be able to download all images in one zip archive. PunnyPNG understands JPG, GIF and PNG.

Image optimization tools PunnyPNG

Try PunnyPNG and make your website awesome.


Contrary to the previous image optimization tool, TinyPNG supports drag'n'drop function so just drag needed images and drop in it. The main disadvantage of TinyPNG is that it is works only with PNG.

Image optimization tools TinyPNG

Try TinyPNG and make your website awesome. was developed by Yahoo. The method of the compressing in that image optimization tool is deleting of insignificant bytes from image file. just simply reduces the weight of the picture, but does not affect its quality.

Image optimization tools

Try and make your website awesome.


JPEGmini can decrease the size of the imgae up to 5 times, and it will be look exactly the same as before optimization. This image optimization tool will help you to speed up your website and save a lot of space.

Image optimization tools Jpegmini

Try JPEGmini and make your website awesome.

Web Resizer

Web resizer can not only optimize images but also apply to them the other options. You able to change size of the image, turn it, manage the quality and a lot of other awesome features.

Image optimization tools Web Resizer

Try Web Resizer and make your website awesome.

Do not neglect image optimization, when your images are smaller the page is uploading faster!