Website speed optimization tools

Hi everyone, today another article about Joomla CMS website speed optimization is coming to life. In this article we want to tell you about online website speed optimization tools, that allow to track how effectively your website is optimized.

In the previous article we have discussed the main factors and methods that have to be taken for basic website speed optimization. And with a help of online website speed optimization tools you will be able to detailed track the reasons of slow website speed downloading, as well as get helpful advises and recommendations about how to fix existing bugs and achieve better results in website speed optimization.

Nowadays it is a big number of tools, that will help you with Joomla website speed optimization, but we want to review only Top 5 of most popular online website optimization tools, so take your seats, lets start.


Very simple, awesome usability, great design, with understandable and detailed recommendations about website speed optimizations - that’s why we like Pingdom. Also with Pingdom you can test from from each point of the globe, in addition for registered users you can set an instant notification in case of decline of website speed.

Website speed optimization tools Pigdom

Start website speed optimization with Pingdom!


Have a look on Webpagetest. Quite a serious website speed optimization tool, have a big number of various settings. User can choose Test location, browser, compare various pages, test from the mobile device (can choose the device), as well as test speed by Host name/ Ip Adress.

Webpagest is a superior solution for experienced developers, who are professionally deals with website speed optimization.

Website speed optimization tools Webpagetest

Start website speed optimization with Webpagetest!


GTmetrix is quite popular website speed optimization tool. One of its advantages is the fact that it operates Yahoo Page Speed and YSlow services data. In the analysis results, you can see recommendations about website speed optimization from both, YSlow and Page Speed.

ebsite speed optimization tools Gmetrix

Start website speed optimization with Gmetrix!

Page Speed Online

The next is online website optimization tool from Google, Page Speed Online. In our opinion it isn't the leader, because of insufficiently informative and unclear for the beginners testing result presentation.

But Google Page Speed has a huge advantage it is a mobile scanner, that displays the results of the website optimization testing on mobile devices

Website speed optimization tools Page Speed Online

Start website speed optimization with Page Speed Online!

Impossible not to mention website optimization tool It is fundamentally different from other similar tools. The main purpose of this tool is to compare 2 competing sites. With Whichloadsfaster you wouldn’t get any specific data about drawbacks, but if it is important for you to be leading over competitor in every aspect, and in website speed loading too, this tool is definitely for you.

Website speed optimization tools Whichloadfaster

Start website speed optimization with Whichloadsfaster !

We want to mention, each website speed optimization tool that are given above, has its own advantages and disadvantages. We recommend you to use 2-3 tools when you are working with Joomla website speed optimization. You will get most objective reviews about your website speed uploading. And of course don’t forget that we are creating websites for people not for numbers and statistics. Find more tips and tricks in our Joomla tutorials section.