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How to Use Joomla Menu Class Suffix?

Hi, students) Welcome to Balbooa Knowledgebase. Today we are going to learn how to use Joomla class suffix on your website and in your projects. It is an awesome method that solves a lot of problems. So if you don't know how to use it, take your sits and listen.

Often you are asking a question how to make the same module displaying different on the same page or how to make a menu buttons different styled, we will show you how to do that on the example of our website.

We have the main menu on our homepage and you seen that one of all our menu items has another style, to make this we use Joomla menu class suffix.

How to use Joomla menu class suffix menu

Example: Balbooa homepage main menu.

Create a new class and new style.

In template.css create a new CSS class and style.

How to use Joomla menu class suffix code

Name new Joomla class suffix.

Name new Joomla class suffix. Example login_btn.

Insert new menu class suffix.

Go to Backend of your website and insert Menu class suffix into menu item that you need and save it.
Menus => Your Menu => Your menu item => Link type options => Link CSS Style

How to use Joomla menu class suffix name

See the result.

Go to front end and see the results of your work.

How to use Joomla menu class suffix results

So with a help of Joomla menu class suffix method we are highlighting the menu item that is needed more clicks on it. And it is help us to make a great conversion and direct people in the right way. Follow Balbooa Joomla tutorials to make your website better.