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How to Add Joomla Module in Article?

In this tutorial we'll answer the most frequent asked question on our support - How to add Joomla module in Article?

Step1: Log into Joomla! Dashboard

Log in to the Administrator section of Joomla website. Type at your browser address bar

Step2: Adding Module position into the module

Go to Joomla! module which you want to add into article and in field "Position" type the name of new module position, for example: "6position" and press enter.

NOTE: the name of new module position should be unique.

Step3: Module assigning

Assign the Joomla module to All the Menu Items.

Step4: Adding module into article

Create new or edit the article where you want to place module and insert the text {loadposition 6position}. Press Save and Close and enjoy!

Now you know how to add Joomla module in article, read all Joomla tutorials to become a master in Joomla.