How to Install a Joomla! Template?

In this tutorial we'll show you, how to install Joomla template for your website. Installation steps are very similar to installation process of any Joomla extensions (components, modules, plugins) which is described in our Joomla tutorials section.


  • installed on web hosting or localhost Latest Joomla! version;
  • make sure that the template you selected is compatible to your current version of Joomla!.

Step1: Log into Joomla! Dashboard

First step to install Joomla template is log in to the Administrator section of Joomla website. Type at your browser address bar

How to install Joomla! template, Step 1

Step2: Select Extensions Manager menu

At the top menu click at Extensions -> Extension Manager.

How to install Joomla! 3.x template, Step 2

Step3: Upload template File

To start installing your Joomla template click on the browse button at the"Upload Package File" tab, select the template which you want to install and then click Upload & Install.

How to install Joomla! 3.x template, Step 3

Step4: Configure the the Joomla! template

From the main Joomla menu click to Extensions -> Template manager. Select installed template from list and make it ★Default.

How to install Joomla! 3.x template, Step 4