How to Install Joomla! 3.x?

In this Joomla tutorial we'll show you, how to install a Joomla! 3, this is also applies to upper versions. Special skills are not needed to install Joomla! 3, so we will teach how to do that now.


Step1: Starting

After uploading and unzipping Joomla! 3.x Full Package to localhost or web hosting, type at your browser address bar:

  • (for web hosting);
  • http://localhost/path_to_joomla (for localhost).

Step2: Configuration

At this step of Joomla 3 installation you will need to fill in the following fields:

  • Select language;
  • Site Name;
  • Description;
  • Admin Email Address;
  • Admin Username;
  • Admin Password;
How to install Joomla! 3.x Configuration

Step3: Database Configuration

At this step you will need to enter database information which you will use after installing Joomla! 3.

  • Username;
  • Password;
  • Database Name;
How to install Joomla! 3.x Database configuration

Step4: Install Sample Data

At this step you will need to install Joomla! 3 sample data, of-course you can install Joomla! without sample data, but for beginners we highly recommend to install sample data, it's help you faster understand basic Joomla! features.

How to install Joomla! 3.x Sample data installation

Step5: Remove Installation folder

After installing Joomla! you need to delete the installation folder, Click on button "Remove Installation folder"

How to install Joomla! 3.x Remove Installation folder

Congratulations! Now you know how to install Joomla! 3 for the website. Log in to the Administrator section of Joomla website. Type at your browser adress bar or http://localhost/path_to_joomla/administrator (for localhost)