Localization and Translation

Localization and Translation for our Joomla Extensions.

Language Installation

1. Open extension dashboard, Components >> Gallery / Forms;

Login to Component

2. Click on the button "Language" on the toolbar;

3. In the open modal window click on the language which you want to install.

Load new languages for Joomla Gallery

NOTE: After Installation, Log Out from Joomla! admin panel and Log In with your language.

How to be a Translator?

1. Create account at www.transifex.com;
2. Contact us through Contact us form and specify:

  • your native language;
  • your username at www.transifex.com;
  • extension(s) which you want to translate - Gridbox, Gallery or (and) Forms;

3. After that you will be invited to Extension translators team.

How to Translate?

1. Login with already created account at www.transifex.com;
2. Visit Extension Translation Project;

3. Click on the language that you want to translate;

4. Click on the Resource;

5. Click on the button "Translate";

6. You can start translating!

New Language Request

If your native language is not available in the list you can make request to add language, by clicking on the button "Language Request".


Will be approved only those languages that are supported by Joomla! List of available languages you can find here: Joomla! 3.x Translation packs

or contact us through Contact us form with request to add new language