Filtering by Category

Balbooa Joomla! Gallery. allows you to create stunningly beautiful galleries with filtering by category. At this tutorial we will show you how to configure filters.

In the Balbooa Joomla Gallery Filter Mode it's a default layout.

Image Filtering by Category - Balbooa Joomla Gallery Filter Mode

Category "All"

Category it's a default category for filter mode, in which displays pictures from all categories.

As any another category, Category All can be: Sorted, Renamed, Unpublished but not Removed!

How to Unpublish Category All?

1. Create New Category and make created category as Default;

Select Default Category - Balbooa Joomla Gallery

2. Open category All and check "Unpublish"

Unpublish Category - Balbooa Joomla Gallery

How to Disable Filter.

1. Click on the button "Settings";
2. In the modal window click on the tab "Filter";
3. Disable option "Enable Filter".

How to disable category filter - Balbooa Joomla Gallery

Styling the Filter.

Filter buttons design can be changed:

1. Open Gallery "Settings";
2. Select the "Filter" tab;
3. Use all available options to style filter buttons.

Filter Mode Styling the Filter - Balbooa Joomla Gallery