Disqus Comments

Joomla Gallery allows you to add Disqus comments to your website. At this tutorial we will show you how to create DISQUS subdomain (shortname) and enable comments system at Gallery component.

Create Disqus.com subdomain:

1. Create a Disqus account following this URL: Disqus.com - Sign up;
2. Click on the link Add Disqus to your site;

3. Click on the button "Start Using Engage";
4. Choose a name for your Joomla website and select Category;

5. In the next step select Joomla as your platform;

6. Copy the DISQUS subdomain (shortname) for your website.

Enable comments for the Gallery:

1. Click on the button "Settings";
2. In the modal window click on the tab "Lightbox";
3. In the sidebar navigation select "Comments".
4. Enter DISQUS subdomain (shortname).

Enable Disqus comments for the Gallery - Balbooa Joomla Image Gallery