Display Gallery on the Frontend

Gallery comes with a flexible method of displaying Joomla galleries at the frontend. You can easily add the gallery to any part of your website. Joomla Articles, Custom HTML Modules and 3rd Party Extensions.

How To Display Gallery On Joomla Website?

Step 1: Open the Joomla item.

Open the Joomla article, custom HTML module or 3rd party Joomla! extension, and at the editor panel click on the button "Gallery"

Add Gallery into Joomla Article or Joomla Module - Display Gallery on Joomla website

Step 2: Select your Gallery.

Select your gallery from the list and click the button "Save"

Select created Gallery from the list - Display Gallery on Joomla website

NOTE: You also can to insert gallery shortcode [gallery ID=1], where 1 - it's ID of your gallery.

How To Display Single Category Of Gallery?

Select your gallery from the list ➝ click "All" in the column "Category" ➝ choose a category that you need ➝ click the button "Save".

Display only a single category - Balbooa Joomla Gallery