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Gallery Key Features

Balbooa Joomla! Gallery is an easy-to-use Joomla image gallery component allows you to create filterable image and video galleries with fantastic grid layouts and overlay animations.

  • Compatibility: Joomla 3.x;
  • Version: 2.1.0;
  • Last Updated: 5 July 2017;

Key Features:

  • Modern and Easy-to-Use Interface;
  • Frontend Management;
  • Album and Filter Modes;
  • 6 Stunning and Modern Grid Layouts;
  • Ability to create unlimited Number of Subcategories;
  • Lazy Load;
  • Modern and Beautiful Lightbox;
  • Ability to add description for images;
  • Ability to Share Images: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Vkontakte;
  • 9 overlay effects;
  • 5 pagination styles;
  • Watermark;
  • Touch swipe navigation;
  • Fully responsive design.

Supported languages:

  • English (en-GB);
  • Catalan (ca-ES);
  • Czech (cs-CZ);
  • Danish (da-DK);
  • Dutch (nl-NL);
  • Estonian (et-EE);
  • Finnish (fi-FI);
  • French (fr-FR);
  • German (de-DE);
  • Italian (it-IT);
  • Lithuanian (lt-LT);
  • Persian (fa-IR);
  • Polish (pl-PL);
  • Portuguese (pt-BR);
  • Russian (ru-RU);
  • Spanish (es-ES);
  • Swedish (sv-SE);

We would really appreciate your help in translating Gallery component: Gallery Localization and Translation


  • Joomla Requirements: 3.4.x;
  • Browser Requirements: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE11, Opera.;


v.2.1.0 - 5/07/2017

  • Added: Ability to edit an album layout;
  • Added: Ability to display pictures of an album in a lightbox;
  • Added: Compress Pictures in the Lightbox;
  • Added: Display an Alternative Image in the Lightbox;
  • Added: Full Screen Mode;
  • Added: Class Suffix for Thumbnails;
  • Added: Force thumbnails re-creation;
  • Added: New Caption Effect;
  • Added: Disable Auto Scroll for pagination, filters and albums;
  • Fixed: Load More button on mobile devices;
  • Fixed: Small JS and CSS conflicts.

v.2.0.7 - 19/04/2017

  • Added: Compatibility with Joomla 3.7;
  • Added: Likes statistics in the Admin panel;
  • Fixed: small JS and CSS bugs.

v.2.0.6 - 20/01/2017

  • Added: Button for removing all unused image files from the folder Original;
  • Fixed: Issue with Page Refresh;
  • Fixed: CSS conflicts with 3rd party Joomla! templates;

v.2.0.5 - 11/01/2017

  • Added: Category Access Levels;
  • Added: Option Disable Alias in the Lightbox;
  • Fixed: Conflicts with 3rd party JS errors;
  • Fixed: Issues with Metro Grid Layout;
  • Fixed: Removing pictures from the folder Original;

v.2.0.4 - 9/12/2016

  • Added: Ability to add Balbooa Joomla! Forms into Gallery Description;
  • Added: Option to disable jQuery;
  • Added: New Image Browser for CKEditor (Image Description);
  • Fixed: Blank spaces in Metro Grid Layout;
  • Fixed: Image resizing in responsive mode;
  • Fixed: Facebook and Google+ Social Sharing;
  • Fixed: Pagination in responsive mode;
  • Fixed: Issues with original image name, Translit;
  • Fixed: Image Zoom and Move under FireFox in Lightbox;
  • Fixed: Issues with buttons Save and Close in category / picture description;

v.2.0.3 - 11/11/2016

  • Fixed: Deleting images;

v.2.0.2 - 8/11/2016

  • Fixed: CSS and JS conflicts with 3rd party extensions;
  • Fixed: Fixed thumbnails position with spacing 0px;
  • Fixed: CSS issue with Description position "Below".

v.2.0.1 - 27/10/2016

  • Added: possibility to display a single category;
  • Fixed: RTL front end management;
  • Fixed: conflicts with 3rd party JS scripts;
  • Fixed: counter (number of images) for the album mode;
  • Fixed: gallery twitch at the first loading;
  • Fixed: conflicts with external JS errors and gallery thumbnails creation.

v.2.0.0 - 12/10/2016

  • Added: New Dashboard;
  • Added: New Media Manager;
  • Added: Frontend Management;
  • Added: Ability to create unlimited numbers of subcategories in Album Mode;
  • Added: New Grid Layout - Justified;
  • Added: Ability to upload images from Desktop;
  • Added: Page Refresh for Albums, Filters, Pagination;
  • Added: Ability to set number of columns for mobile devices;
  • Added: Ability to hide specific images from category "All";
  • Added: New Lightbox;
  • Added: New positions for Image Description in Lightbox;
  • Added: Ability to Zoom images in Lightbox;
  • Added: Share Buttons - LinkedIn and VKontakte;
  • Added: Ability to download Images;
  • Added: New Comment System - VKontakte;
  • Added: Protect Images features;
  • Improved: Speed, Gallery can easily work with a huge number of images;
  • Improved: Watermark;
  • Improved: Gallery code was changed on 95%.

v.1.5.4 - 25/5/2016

  • Added: 15 languages;
  • Added: Thumbnails, Lazy Load, Thumbnail Quality for Random Grid Layout;
  • Added: URL's for categories;
  • Improved: CSS and JS;
  • Improved: Facebook Sharing.

v.1.5.3 - 29/3/2016

  • Improved: CSS in the admin panel for better compatibility with Joomla! 3.5;

v.1.5.2 - 18/3/2016

  • Added: Access Control List (ACL);
  • Added: Option "Enable / Disable Caption";
  • Added: Option "Enable / Disable Lightbox";
  • Added: Hover Effects for "Albums" (Inherit from the Gallery Hover Effects);
  • Added: Transparency selector for all color pickers;
  • Fixed: Bug with pagination - Infinity.

v.1.5.1 - 18/1/2016

  • Added: Pinterest "Pin It" Button;

v.1.5.0 - 6/1/2016

  • Added: New layout - Random Grid (No Crop Images);
  • Added: Modal Close Animation;
  • Added: Animation between images in modal at auto resize mode;
  • Improved: Modal in Responsive Mode;
  • Improved: Image Uploader;
  • Fixed: Displaying Images in category "All" from unpublished categories;
  • Fixed: Small CSS bugs;
  • Fixed: Grid resizing in Gridbox Plugins "Tabs" and "Accordions".

v.1.4.2 - 10/12/2015

  • Added: Random Sorting option;
  • Added: New Effect - None;
  • Fixed: Social icons on mobile devices;
  • Fixed: Modal dialog issues on mobile devices;
  • Fixed: Arrows for pagination "Slider";
  • Fixed: Compatibility with 3rd party Joomla template Frameworks;
  • Tested: Compatibility with Joomla 3.5.x Beta 1.

v.1.4.1 - 2/11/2015

  • Improved: Landscape and portrait auto resize for modal window;
  • Improved: One click update;
  • Fixed: Small CSS bugs;
  • Fixed: Image size value in the admin panel;

v.1.4.0 - 21/10/2015

  • Added: Disqus Comments;
  • Added: Possibility to add Gallery into Joomla item from the Frontend;
  • Added: SEF urls;
  • Improved: Image uploader;
  • Improved: Modal dialog JS and CSS;
  • Fixed: Small bug with Infinite pagination;
  • Fixed: CSS conflict with title color in dialog;
  • Fixed: Facebook and Google+ image sharing;
  • Fixed: Vertical align for thumbnail caption.

v.1.3.0 - 23/09/2015

  • Added: New Auto Resize script;
  • Added: Modal window appearance effects;
  • Added: Sorting in category All;
  • Added: Infinite Scroll Pagination;
  • Added: Close Dialog on click (anywhere);
  • Fixed: Bug with Lazy Load option.

v.1.2.1 - 11/08/2015

  • Improved: Auto resize for video;
  • Improved: CSS for small screen devices (smartphones and tablets);
  • Added: Possibility to override gallery files via template.

v.1.2.0 - 28/07/2015

  • Added: Category description;
  • Added: New gallery layout - Square;
  • Fixed: Hover effects for Safari browser;
  • Fixed: Bug with GZIP compression;

v.1.1.0 - 21/07/2015

  • Added: Gallery Albums;
  • Improved: Auto-resize option;

v.1.0.3 - 10/07/2015

  • Fixed: Responsive for thumbnails;
  • Fixed: Large image uploading;
  • Fixed: Special Characters at the category name field;
  • Fixed: Constant for the Gallery title.

v.1.0.2 - 8/07/2015

  • Changed: saving and retrieving an image from SQL database.

v.1.0.1 - 3/07/2015

  • Added: Scroll to top for pagination;
  • Added: Auto resize option for Dialog;
  • Fixed: Border radius for pagination and category list.

v.1.0.0 - 18/06/2015

  • Initial release.