Calculation forms

Add dynamic calculations to your website using calculation forms

Formulas and calculations

Creating advanced calculators for online forms has become easier.

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Formula Builder - Calculation Forms by Balbooa
Formula Fields in Calculation Forms

Simple formula builder

Add complex mathematical calculation formulas using the calculator.

Visual formula builder
Support mathematical functions

Field calculations

Create mathematical operations between the values of calculation form fields.

Field Calculations - Balbooa Calculation Forms
Fields Formula in Calculation Forms - Balbooa Forms
Conditional Logic in Calculation Forms by Balbooa

Smart calculation forms

Build a powerful calculator form by combining calculations and conditional logic.

Calculation in payment form

Use forms with calculations to accept payments on your websites.

Calculation in Payment Forms - Balbooa Forms Builder

Commonly asked questions

You can display the created calculation forms anywhere you need. Joomla articles are an exception.

All fields with numeric values can be used in mathematical formulas.

Basic math operations like adding multiplication and division are available in the formula calculator. For advanced math formulas, you can use mathematical constants and functions.

Yes, you can integrate calculation forms with payment gateways. This allows you to create order forms with dynamic pricing and process payments based on calculated totals.

Balbooa calculation form builder offers responsive design options to ensure forms work well on mobile devices.

Build dynamic calculation forms