How To Update

Balbooa Joomla Forms Builder provides a very simple way of updating to the newest version.


The update process is safe, but in any way, we strongly recommend you to create a backup of your website!

Updating From Admin Panel

1. In the Forms admin panel, click the "About" button.

2. Click the "Update" button.

Updating From Extension Manager

At the top of Joomla Control Panel, you will see a notice about available updates for extensions.

1. Click the button “View Updates”.

2. Select the Forms and click the button “Update”.

Updating From Downloaded Archive

1. Download the newest version.

2. In the Extension Manager, click the "Browse" button and select the archive file.

3. Click the "Upload & Install" button.

Clear Cache!

After an update, clear your browser and website cache!

Updating Forms 1.x to Forms 2.x

You can update your Forms to Forms 2.x using any of the above methods, but we can't provide 100% compatibility, because some functionality in Forms 2, works in an absolutely in another way e.g. conditional logic fields or displaying form in the lightbox.