Introducing Gridbox 2.14.0

Introducing Gridbox 2.14.0 with animation on scroll, LottieFiles and more.

How To Enable Invisible reCAPTCHA In Joomla Forms?

Balbooa Joomla Forms Builder allows adding Invisible reCAPTCHA to protect your Joomla forms from spambots. In this short tutorial, we’ll show you how to enable Invisible reCAPTCHA in Balbooa Joomla Forms Builder.

Invisible reCAPTCHA Configuration

1. Go to: Extensions ➝ Plugin Manager find the plugin CAPTCHA - Invisible reCAPTCHA and enable it.

2. Enter the Site Key and Secret Key.

How to get Invisible reCAPTCHA keys?

Site and Secret key you can generate here: Create Invisible reCAPTCHA key

Form Configuration

1. Go to: Submit Button Settings ➝ Spam Protection.

2. In the field “reCAPTCHA” select CAPTCHA - Invisible reCAPTCHA.