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Conditional Logic Fields

Joomla Forms builder allows you implement Conditional logic fields. Conditional Logic allows you to show fields or sections based on previous user selection.

Step 1: Log into Forms.

1. Go to: Components >> Forms >> Your Form;

Open Joomla Forms


Conditional logic fields feature available only for: Radio, Radio Inline and Drop-down fields!

2. Through a Drag and Drop feature add form elements into editor.

Drag and Drop conditional logic field

3. Click on the field to open "Field Options" in the right sidebar.

4. Enable Conditional Logic. In the "Field options" select the value to which you want to add "Conditional logic" and click on the button "Add Conditional Logic"

Enable conditional logic field

5. Click on the icon "Show / Hide Conditional Logic"

Show Conditional Logic

6. Drop form fields into "Hidden Area"

Conditional Logic Area

7. Save your Form and enjoy!


There are no limits on the number of branching!