Joomla Forms Builder

The simplest way to create professional Joomla forms

Intuitive form building

Easy drag and drop form fields for building any Joomla form for your site.

Drag and Drop Editor - Joomla Forms Builder
Drag and Drop Fields - Joomla Forms Builder

Managing layout

Layout Options - Balbooa Joomla Forms

Managing design

Design Options - Balbooa Joomla Forms
Forms Fields - Balbooa Joomla Forms

Rich toolset

Joomla forms includes all fields you need to collect data better.

Forms integrations

Expand Joomla forms functionality by integrating the most popular apps.

Form Integrations - Balbooa Joomla Forms
Spam Protection - Balbooa Joomla Forms
reCAPTCHA validation - Balbooa Joomla Forms

Spam protection inside

Protect your Joomla form with anti-spam tools to stop receiving spam emails.

Build smart forms

Create conditional logic rules to make your form smarter.

Conditional Logic - Joomla Forms

Accept payments

Accept Payments - Joomla Forms Builder

Build formulas

Build Calculators - Balbooa Joomla Forms

Email signup

Boost your email subscribers with Joomla forms.


Build contact form to communicate with visitors.

Create Contact Forms - Joomla Forms

Commonly asked questions

Yes! Balbooa Joomla Forms Builder is fully compatible with latest Joomla 5.x and Joomla 4.x.

Yes! Using the shortcode system, you can embed forms anywhere on your Joomla site. Joomla articles, Joomla modules and even third party Joomla extensions.

No! In Balbooa Joomla Forms, all existing and future integrations are available in a premium version.

Yes! In Balbooa Joomla Forms all submissions can be viewed in the Joomla administrator panel. Even more, submissions can be exported to csv, xml and pdf files.

No! We do not provide a trial version. But you can try the demo. Also, within the 14 days after purchase, you can request a refund if Balbooa Joomla Forms do not meet your requirements.

Yes! Balbooa Joomla Forms allows you to completely safely upgrade from the free version to the premium. All you need is to simply install the premium version installation package onto the free version. All previously created Joomla forms will be available.

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