Adding Structured Data Markup

This tutorial covers all questions related to generating and adding structured data markup to the Joomla website…



Estimated time

5 min.

Generating structured data markup

Go to Schema Markup Generator ➝ select the type of structured data (e.g. Article) ➝ in the Article Type dropdown field, select type Blog Posting ➝ in field Author Type, select Person ➝ copy generated code.

Adding structured data markup to page

Move to Gridbox dashboard ➝ navigate to Blog ➝ open Item Settings ➝ navigate to the SEO tab ➝ Schema Markup ➝ paste copied code.

Adding data tags to structured data markup

Add values from Gridbox using data tags. Data tags should be added inside quotes.

Testing structured data markup

To test your structured data, open the Schema Markup Testing Tool.

General structured data guidelines

Even though you add structured data markup to your site pages and it passes testing on validation, Google does not guarantee that your structured data will appear in search results. For more details, visit the official page: general structured data guidelines.

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