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Sending emails is not configured in Joomla

Joomla admin ➝ click System ➝ Global Configuration ➝ tab Server ➝ Mail ➝ Send Test Email.

If you have not received a test email, this means that the email system on your Joomla site is not configured. How to fix this, view in this article: How to set up mail in Joomla.

Emails are blocked by the server

You are receiving test emails from Joomla, but not emails from forms? If you are using the PHP mail function, emails may be blocked by the server's anti-spam protection.


In this case, there may be 3 solutions:

  1. Contact your hosting support to unblock emails
  2. Use a 3rd party email for admin email notifications, use @gmail instead of
  3. Use SMTP instead of PHP mail functions in Joomla mail settings.

Emails go to spam folder

Emails notifications marked as a spam. Check the spam folder in your email client. 


In this case, there may be 2 solutions:

  1. In email client mark form email notification as "Not a spam"
  2. Check if your server is blacklisted. Quick fix - use SMTP instead of PHP mail functions in Joomla mail settings.

The email field has the wrong field type

Be sure that email field in the form has field type Email. Open your form ➝ Field Email ➝ Type ➝ Select Email.

The admin email address was not saved

Open your form ➝ Submit Button ➝ Admin Email Notifications ➝ Admin Email ➝ Add email address and Press Enter ➝ Save form.

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