Creating Email Subscription Form

In this tutorial, you will find how to create an email subscription form for your Joomla website and grow…


Balbooa Forms

Estimated time

5 min.

Creating email subscription form

Click the button Add New Item ➝ enter Form Title ➝ click the button Next.

Editing form layout

Change the Number of Columns to two ➝ change the Column Width.

    Adding form fields

    Drag and drop the field Input ➝ select the type Email ➝ delete the Label ➝ fill in the field Placeholder ➝ drag and drop the Submit Button.

      Editing submit button design

      Go to the tab Design ➝ use the available options to change the design of the Submit Button.

      Editing form fields design

      From the top bar, click Design ➝ Advanced Settings ➝ Field. Using the available options, edit the field design of your email subscription form.

      Enabling email marketing integration

      Click on the icon Integrations in the left sidebar ➝ select Emailing ➝ activate one of the available emailing integrations.

      Adding email subscription form to site

      In the Gridbox editor, click Add New Plugin ➝ Balbooa Forms ➝ select your form from the list ➝ click the button Save.

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