Creating Contact Form

In this step-by-step tutorial, you will find how to create and add a contact form to your Joomla website using Balbooa…


Balbooa Forms

Estimated time

5 min.

Creating contact form

Joomla admin ➝ Components ➝ Forms ➝ Add New Item.

Adding fields

Using drag and drop, add fields from the sidebar to the form ➝ rename the field labels.

Changing form layout

Add a new row ➝ change the number of columns to two. Move the row to the top. Add fields to columns.

Changing form design

From the top bar click the button Design ➝ Advanced settings. Using available options change the design of your contact form.

Enabling administrator email notifications

Open submit button settings ➝ Admin Email Notifications ➝ Admin Email ➝ Type email address ➝ press Enter.

Adding contact form to site

Open Joomla article ➝ CMS content ➝ Forms ➝ select a created form from the list. Save article.

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