Displaying Form Popup on Button Click

In this tutorial, you will learn how to display a form popup on button click on a Joomla site using the Balbooa Forms…


Balbooa Forms

Estimated time

5 min.

Enabling form popup

In the Balbooa Forms editor, click Design ➝ set the layout Lightbox.

Configuring form popup

Open Lightbox Settings ➝ General ➝ Trigger ➝ select Click ➝ copy Embed Code.

Adding form popup shortcode to button

Open Button Settings ➝ Advanced ➝ paste Embed Code in the field Class Suffix.

Displaying form popup on menu item click

Joomla admin ➝ Menus ➝ click the button New ➝ select Menu Item Type ➝ System Links ➝ URL ➝ fill in the field Link ➝ go to the tab Link Type ➝ paste Embed Code in the field Link Class.

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