How to stop the deleting HTML and scripts in Joomla?

For security reasons Joomla removes atypical code preventing 3rd party intervention. But what if you want to enter useful raw HTML, but tags and attributes disappear after saving? This tutorial explains how to stop the disappearing HTML and scripts in Joomla.

Disabling the editor

Log in to Joomla ➝ System ➝ Global Configuration ➝ switch to tab Site ➝ set Editor - None to Default Editor ➝ click Save & Close.

Changing TinyMCE editor options

Log in to Joomla ➝ Plugins ➝ open Editor - TinyMCE for editing switch to tab Set 0 or other (whichever set has your desired user group) in the field Prohibited Elements remove ,iframe  click Save & Close.

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