How to manage images in Balbooa Joomla Gallery?

Balbooa Joomla Gallery allows easily manage images. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to upload, move and delete images in the Joomla gallery.

Image File Formats. Balbooa Joomla Gallery supports the most common image file formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF. 

The Size and Weight of the Image. We don't set any limits for files. You are limited only by your web hosting settings. But, we recommend optimizing your images before uploading for better site performance.

Uploading images from Joomla folder

Click the button Upload from Folder ➝ select images click the button Upload Image.

Uploading images from Desktop

Click the button Upload from Desktop ➝ select images click the button Open.

Deleting images

To delete an image use the context menu: right-click on the image select Delete ➝ Delete Item. To delete more than one image, select images click the icon Delete.

Reordering images

Use drag and drop to reorder images.

Use sort function. Click the icon Sort Options ➝ select one of the available sorting methods: 

  • Name
  • Newest
  • Oldest

Moving images

Select one or more images  click the icon Move To ➝ select the parent category ➝ click the button Save.

Or use the context menu: right-click on the image  click Move To ➝ select the parent category click the button Save.

Image options




Using the editor you can add a description to the image in Lightbox.

Insert Link

You can add a link for image thumbnails. By clicking on the thumbnail user will be redirected by the link.

Embed Code

You can add Embed Code from YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud or any other website. In the lightbox, the image will be replaced.

Category Image

You can upload an image for category. 
* Feature is available only for Gallery Album Mode


Enter image title.


Enter image URL. If leave this field empty, the alias will be generated automatically from the image name. 

Short Description

You can add a description for the Image Caption.

Image ALT

Enter an image alt attribute. 


Assign tags to images. Enter the new tag by typing the name and pressing Enter.


Select the color using a color picker or type color name in the HEX format and press Enter.

Alternative Image

Feature allows you to replace image in the lightbox. 

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