How to customize thumbnail and caption in Balbooa Joomla Gallery?

Balbooa Joomla Gallery allows adding image caption and select different overlays with animations. Content in an image caption can be customized to fit your website design. In this tutorial, we will show you how to add image captions and customize thumbnails. 

Managing thumbnails

Go to Settings ➝ switch to the tab Thumbnail.

Image width and height

Options Width and Height and Image Quality directly affect the gallery speed loading. You need to find the optimal value.

Option Image Width and Height (default value is 300px) allows you to set the max.value for image cropping. We recommend increasing this option to 600px if you plan to reduce the number of columns to 3. If your content width is 1170px and you have a gallery with 4 columns, no reason to set Width and Height more than 300px. If you have Gallery with 2 columns layout, we recommend setting thumbnails Width and Height no more than 600px.

Image quality

The option Image Quality allows to reduce or increase the thumbnail quality. By reducing the Image Quality, you can improve the gallery speed loading. We don't recommend setting more than 80% because it can slow down page loading.

How to change the number of columns displayed?

Balbooa Joomla Gallery allows you to set different numbers of columns on devices. Settings ➝ Thumbnail ➝ General ➝ Number of columns ➝ Device ➝ Quantity.

How to change the spacing between thumbnails?

Settings ➝ Thumbnail ➝ General ➝ Item Spacing, px.

Image caption

Balbooa Gallery allows you to display Image information on the thumbnail through Image Caption. Image Caption includes next fields:

  • Title
  • Assigned Category
  • Short Description

Disable image caption

Go to Settings ➝ switch to the tab Thumbnail ➝ enable option Disable Caption.

Changing image caption appearance effect

Go to Settings ➝ switch to the tab Thumbnail ➝ Caption ➝ Caption Effects ➝ select one of the available effects.

  • Caption effect 12 Caption below thumbnails is available only for Masonry grid layout

Styling image caption

To change the style of Caption Overlay Background: go to Settings ➝ switch to the tab Thumbnails ➝ Caption ➝ Caption Bg

To change the style of Caption Typography: go to Settings ➝ switch to the tab Thumbnails ➝ Typography ➝ use all available options to style caption.

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