How to set up event tracking in Joomla form?

Balbooa Joomla Forms Builder allows easily add Google Analytics or Yandex.Metrica event tracking code to form. In this tutorial, we will show you how to set up event tracking using Forms Advanced Settings and Code Editor.

Form configuration

  1. Go to: Submit Button Settings ➝ Advanced ➝ Class Suffix ➝ enter ga_submit_button (Google Analytics) or ym_submit_button (Yandex.Metrica).
  2. Go to: Code Editor ➝ JavaScript ➝ paste:

Google Analytics

jQuery(document).on('click', '.ga_submit_button .ba-form-submit-btn', function(){
 gtag('event', <action>, {
 'event_category': <category>,
 'event_label': <label>,
 'value': <value>


jQuery(document).on('click', '.ym_submit_button .ba-form-submit-btn', function(){
 ym('XXXXXX', 'reachGoal', 'TARGET_NAME');

How to measure events you will find in Google Analytics documentation.

How to set up reachGoal you will find in Yandex.Metrica documentation.

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