Creating a Contact Form in Joomla with Balbooa Forms

Every site needs a contact form for customer feedback. If you are looking for a simple and easy way to create a contact form in Joomla, then you are in the right place. The Joomla contact form by Balbooa allows you to create forms of any complexity. For example, from the most primitive Joomla forms with several fields and a submit button to smart forms with conditional logic. It doesn't matter how complex your feedback form will be. With Balbooa Forms, you can do this easily because you have intuitive functionality at your disposal.

The Joomla contact form by Balbooa is not just a contact form, it is also:

  • a quick way to get customer feedback;
  • control of collected information;
  • reliable spam protection;
  • easy integration with third-party services for marketing automation.

This simple tutorial explains how to create a contact form in Joomla without touching a single line of code. Check out our showcase to see an example of a Joomla contact form.

How to create a contact form in Joomla with Balbooa Forms?

1. Install Balbooa Forms.

2. Log in to Balbooa Forms: Components ➝ Forms.
3. Create a new Joomla contact form: Click the button “Add New Item enter Form Title ➝ click the button “Next”.

4. Drag the field you need from the left panel into the Forms Editor.

5. Or select a pre-installed contact form template.

6. Click on the button "Save".
7. Display your Joomla contact form on the frontend. See our documentation for how to do this:

8. Set up email notifications in your Joomla contact form. How to set up email notifications can be found in our documentation:

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