How to track click in Joomla forms with Google Tag Manager and Analytics?

With Google Analytics you can track clicks in Balbooa Joomla Forms using Google Tag Manager. In this tutorial, we will show you how to start tracking clicks on the submit button in Google Analytics with Tag Manager.

Forms configuration

1. Go to the Submit Button Settings.

2. Navigate to Advanced Settings tab and add Class Suffix, e.g. ga_submit_button.

3. Save the form by clicking on the Save button.

Google Tag Manager configuration

1. Sign in to Google Tag Manager.
2. Implement Google Tag Manager on your site.
3. Activate Variables:

  • In the navigation bar, click Variables
  • In Built-In Variables click the Configure button
  • Set a checkbox for each variable in the Clicks section

4. Create Trigger:

  • Navigate to Triggers and click the New button
  • Choose trigger type: Click - All Elements
  • Select a condition to trigger fires on: Some Clicks
  • Set the conditions under which this trigger fires: Click Element ➝ matches CSS selector ➝ .ga_submit_button .ba-form-submit-title (where .ga_submit_button is Class Suffix that you added for the button)

5. Create Tag:

  • Navigate to Tags and click the New button
  • Choose tag type: Universal Analytics
  • Select Track Type: Event
  • Category: balbooa forms
  • Action: Click
  • Google Analytics Settings: Enter Tracking ID
  • Firing Triggers: The form tracking Trigger that you created in the previous step

6. Check Tag. In preview mode, click on the Submit button in your form. If the tag is installed correctly, it will be displayed under the Tags Fired On This Page line.

Google Analytics configuration

1. Sign in to Google Analytics.
2. Create a New Goal.
3. In the Goal settings, duplicate information that you entered in the tag settings in Google Tag Manager.
4. Test the tracking of your form. In your Google Analytics account, click on the Realtime ➝ Overview ➝ Events.

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