How to create multi-page Joomla form?

Creating multi-page forms will be useful for breaking up long forms. Multi-page forms allow you to collect more information without scaring the users away. In this tutorial, we will show you how to create multi-page forms in Balbooa Joomla Forms Builder.

Adding new page

Click the icon Add New Page at the bottom of the Form Editor.

Navigation settings

Hover on the icon Item and click Edit.



Click the icon Add New Item.


Select an item(s) and click the icon Copy Item.


Select an item(s) and click the icon Delete Item.


Click on an item title and rename it.


Move an item using the icon Drag & Drop.



  • None - disables page navigation
  • Dots - displays page navigation as dots
  • Steps - displays page navigation as steps
  • Triangles - displays page navigation as triangles

Save Progress

Enables the ability to save form progress and continue later.


Class Suffix

Adds a CSS class for the element.

Automatic page navigation

Automatic Page Navigation allows switching automatically to another page immediately after filling in fields.

Go to: Navigation Settings ➝ Properties ➝ enable Automatic Page Navigation.

  • Automatic Page Navigation is available only if there are no more fields on pages except Radio, Dropdown, and Rating

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