License - Balbooa Joomla Forms Builder

What does a license provide?

The license is valid for one installation only and provides the ability to install the Pro functionality of the extension, get updates and technical support during a license period.

How to activate a license?

  1. Go to: Components ➝ Forms.
  2. Click on the icon About Forms in the top right corner of the Dashboard.
  3. In the opened modal window click Activate and enter your Username and Password into the relevant fields.

What happens to my site(s) after the license ends?

After the license ends, installed pro functionality will work as usual, without any limitation, but you will lose access to new feature updates and technical support.

How to deactivate the license on site domain?

License deactivation through Forms admin panel

  1. From the Forms admin panel click on the icon About Forms.
  2. In the opened modal window click Deactivate then in the modal window License Deactivation click Apply.

License deactivation on

  1. Sign in with your Balbooa account. 
    ​Enter your Username and Password ➝ click the Login button.  
  2. Go to My profile ➝ Activations.
  3. Click the button Deactivate next to the domain on which you want to deactivate the license.

How to renew a license?

  1. Navigate to My Profile which is located in the top right corner go to Account ➝ My Subscriptions.
  2. Click the Renew button next to the product.


Error: "Your subscription has expired and you have to renew it"

If you purchase a subscription and received this error, contact us through our Contact Form (Billing ➝ I can’t download the purchased product).

Error: “This subscription is already in use or you have exceeded the maximum number of allowed activations”

You need to purchase a subscription with a large number of licenses. Or deactivate a license and activate it on another domain. How to deactivate/activate a license see above.

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