How to create Joomla XML sitemap with Gridbox?

Joomla website builder Gridbox automatically generates the Joomla XML sitemap and allows you to customize the indexing of each page separately. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to create and configure the Joomla XML sitemap with the Gridbox sitemap generator.

  • If you already have the sitemap.xml file in your Joomla root folder, it will be overridden​

Creating Joomla XML sitemap

  1. Install Gridbox app - XML sitemap.
  2. Click the icon Site ➝ General ➝ SEO ➝ сlick the toggle button Sitemap ➝ click Update Sitemap.

Basic sitemap configuration

  • Site Domain - the field for entering the domain name of your website
  • Update Sitemap - the toggle button which allows updating your Joomla sitemap manually

Additional sitemap configuration

By default, changefreq for all pages is monthly, priority is 0.5. But you can set your own changefreq and priority for each page. To do this, open the Settings Panel of the Item ➝ SEO ➝ Sitemap.

  • Include Item - by disabling the option the page will be excluded from the Joomla sitemap
  • Changefreq - the option which allows you to set the indexing interval - Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Never
  • Priority - an option that sets the priority of indexing among other pages of the sitemap

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