How to use the Media manager in Joomla website builder Gridbox?

Joomla website builder Gridbox comes with a powerful Media manager that allows you to upload and manage media files and folders.

Accessing Media manager

Gridbox provides several ways to access the Media manager.

Through dashboard

An easy way to access Media manager without having to edit the page is by clicking the icon Recent Files on the Dashboard.

Through Gridbox tools

You can access the Media manager from the Gridbox editor by clicking Tools from the toolbar.

Through plugin settings

You get access to the Media manager through plugin settings.

Uploading and managing files

Gridbox media manager provides bulk upload, move and delete files.

  • Uploading new files. To upload new media files, click the icon Upload File and select files on your desktop
  • Creating a new folder. Click the icon Create Folder ➝ enter folder name click the button Save
  • Moving files. To bulk move files, select the files you want to move click the icon Move To ➝ in the opened modal window choose folder click the button Save
  • Deleting files. To bulk delete files, select the files click the icon Delete

Right-click context menu in Media manager

Use right click to manage a single file.

    • Photo editor. Use Gridbox Photo editor to manually compress and adjust images. For more information, see documentation: Photo editor
    • Renaming file. Right click on the file ➝ Rename ➝ enter title click the button Save
    • Moving file. Right click on the file ➝ Move To... ➝ in the opened modal window choose folder click the button Save. Or use drag and drop
    • Downloading file. Right click on the file ➝ Download
    • Deleting file. Right click on the file ➝ Delete.

    Media manager settings

    On the toolbar, click the icon Site ➝ General ➝ Media Manager.

    • Path to image folder - sets the path to the root folder for the Gridbox media manager
    • Allowed file types - file formats that can be uploaded into the Media manager. Add your file types by a comma
    • Compress images on upload - the toggle button starts the process of compressing images when uploaded into the Media manager
      • Max size, px - sets the max size of the uploaded file
      • Quality - sets the quality of the uploaded file
      • Convert to WebP - automatic conversion of images to WebP that uploading to Media manager

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