How to use Design presets in Joomla website builder Gridbox?

Joomla website builder Gridbox comes with Design presets. Presets are saved item styles that allow you to create predefined styles of Gridbox plugins and recreate a certain element design in one click.

Presets include only item style info like typography, colors, shadows, borders, margins, paddings, and so on, and don't include information about item labels, links, etc. In this tutorial, we’ll explain how Design presets can be used and customized in Joomla website builder Gridbox.

Managing Presets

To manage Presets, go to the item settings panel tab General.

Creating and saving Presets

Open the Presets Library ➝ click the icon Save Preset ➝ in the modal window, enter preset name ➝ click the button Save.

To assign preset to another item, open item settings select created preset.

  • Changing the style settings of an item with an active preset will change the style of all Gridbox items with the same preset​

Overriding default styles

Presets allow you to configure the default items' style. When added, items will have your preset styles.

To override the default style of items, select a preset from the list click the icon Edit ➝ enable Default click the button Save

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