How to set up the theme in Joomla website builder Gridbox?

Joomla website builder Gridbox allows you to control typography inheritance and your website color palette in one place. This tutorial reviews how to change the site typography, color, background using theme settings.

  • Changes in the theme settings apply to all pages in that theme​

Setting up theme typography

Change the font family on the body and for all child elements using the Gridbox typography inheritance system that is configured by default. 

To open the Gridbox typography inheritance system, go to the Theme Settings ➝ tab General.

To add new fonts to the Font family list, use Gridbox Fonts Library.

Setting up theme colors

Gridbox comes with color variables that allow you to change the colors on your site without opening each plugin. To use color variables, open the Theme Settings ➝ tab Colors.

Here you will find color variables that are systematized and divided into groups: 

  • Brand
  • Typography
  • Background 
  • Other 
  • Custom colors

Setting up theme background

The Gridbox allows you to add and customize the background that will be applied to all site pages.

  1. Open the Theme Settings ➝ tab Background ➝ select Type from the dropdown (color, gradient, image, video, none).
  2. Set up Overlay ➝ choose Type (color, gradient, none) set up Color ➝ Opacity.

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