How to set permissions in Joomla website builder Gridbox?

Joomla website builder Gridbox allows you to control access to developer tools, Apps, Categories, Single Pages, and also set permissions for each page item. This tutorial explains how to set permissions in Joomla website builder Gridbox.

Gridbox permissions

Gridbox permissions you will find in the Admin panel ➝ Option ➝ Permissions.

Gridbox Permissions - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Configure ACL & options

Allows editing the options and Gridbox permissions.

Configure options only

Allows editing the options, except the Gridbox permissions.

Access administration interface

Allows accessing the Gridbox administration interface. For users without access to this action, the menu items "Pages" and "Add to Menu" will not be available.

Access developer tools

Allows changing site and theme settings. For users without access to this action, the next tools "Site Settings", "Theme Settings", "Tools", "Page Blocks" will be denied.


Allows creating any content in Gridbox. For users without access to this action, the menu item "New Page" will not be available.


Allows deleting any Gridbox content.


Allows editing any Gridbox content.


Allows duplicating any content in Gridbox.

Edit state

Allows changing the state of any content in Gridbox.

Gridbox access control list

Gridbox access control list allows you to restrict user groups from creating or editing whole Gridbox Apps or separate pages. You can use the Gridbox access control list in Apps, Categories and Single pages.

In Gridbox admin panel navigate to the Item Settings ➝ Permissions.

Access Control List - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Actions that user groups can perform on Gridbox Items:


Allows adding new items.


Allows deleting items.


Allows editing existing items.

Edit state

Allows user groups to Publish, Unpublish items.

Edit own

Allows editing items that you have created.

Edit layouts

Allows editing Category and Single Post Layout.

Permissions of page items

You can set permissions for each page item in the Gridbox Editor: Section, Row, Column, and Plugin. To set permissions, go to Item Settings ➝ Advanced ➝ set access level group that is allowed to edit/view the item.


Sets user group that is allowed to edit the item.


Sets user group that is allowed to view the item.

Permission inheritance

Gridbox permissions are inherited. Public is a top-level group. All other groups are a "child" groups of Public group. If the child group does not override the permission, then all child groups inherit the set permission. See the Joomla documentation for more details.

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