How to generate OpenWeatherMap API Key?

To start using the Gridbox plugin Weather, you'll need to create an OpenWeatherMap API Key. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to generate an OpenWeatherMap API Key.

OpenWeatherMap API Key

1. Sign up on OpenWeatherMap.

2. After login visit the tab API keys and copy your API key.

How to get OpenWeatherMap API Key? - Joomla website builder Gridbox

3. In the plugin settings, paste the API Key into the relevant field.

Setting your location

Enter your location to display the weather. You can input the location in three different ways:

  • Enter the location name (New York, US)
  • Enter geolocation coordinates (40.71, -74.01)
  • Enter the city ID (5128581)

Geo-coordinates and city ID you will find on the OpenWeatherMap website. Geo-coordinates are listed under the city name.

To get the city ID, click on the city name. Then copy the 7 latest figures from the address bar, and paste them in the Enter Your Location field. This will be the city ID.  

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