How to configure Page settings in Joomla website builder Gridbox?

Joomla website builder Gridbox has intuitive page settings that allow you to change the title, alias, thumbnail, SEO settings, etc. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to configure page settings in Joomla website builder Gridbox.

Editing page settings

In the Gridbox editor, click Page from the toolbar ➝ Settings.


  • Title - the name of the page
  • Alias - the unique name of the page that is used to generate its default URL
  • Image - a thumbnail image
  • Class suffix - a parameter after adding which you can customize the style of the item by writing your own CSS


  • Access - the access level group that is allowed to view this item
  • Start publishing - date and time when the item will be published
  • Language - the language that the item is assigned to



  • Browser page title - SEO title that displays in browser tabs and searches engine results
  • Meta description - the text that appears below the SEO title in search results
  • Meta keywords - a list of keywords that match the content of the page
  • Robots - an option hides the page from search engines


  • Image - an image that displays in social media 
  • Title - a title that displays in social media
  • Description - the text that displays in social media


An option allows you to exclude a page from the sitemap. See the documentation for more information:

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