How to add Gridbox content editor to Zero app?

Using the Zero App, you can create your own content apps with custom fields. But did you know that in the Zero App, in addition to custom fields, also you can add a “Content Editor”? With the Content Editor, you can take advantage of all Gridbox power: Sections, Rows, Nested Rows and Gridbox Plugins. In this tutorial, we’ll share with you the details on how to add the Gridbox Content Editor to the Zero App.

Adding Post Content plugin

  1. From the Zero App dashboard, open Settings ➝ navigate to Single Post Layout.
  2. In the Single Post Layout, add the custom fields you need add the Post Content plugin.
  3. Save changes close the Single Post Layout editing.

Using Advanced Editor

  1. Open the page for editing.
  2. Switch to the Advanced Editor tab.
  3. Enjoy the full power and flexibility of the Gridbox editor. 

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