How to change category settings in Zero App?

In Gridbox Zero App, you can change category settings just like in any other app of Joomla website builder Gridbox. This tutorial explains how to navigate to category settings and change them.

Editing category settings

To open category settings, right mouse click on the category title select Settings in the context menu.


  • Title - the name of the category
  • Alias - the unique name of the category that is used to generate its default URL
  • Image - a thumbnail image
  • Description - category text info


  • Publish - the toggle button to publish category
  • Access - the access level group that is allowed to view this item
  • Language - the language that the item is assigned to



  • Browser page title - SEO title that displays in browser tabs and searches engine results
  • Meta description - the text that appears below the SEO title in search results
  • Meta keywords - a list of keywords that match the content of the category
  • Robots - an option hides the category from search engines


  • Image - an image that displays in social media 
  • Title - a title that displays in social media
  • Description - the text that displays in social media

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