How to set up currency and units in Joomla eCommerce for Gridbox?

This tutorial explains how to set up currency and units in Joomla eCommerce for Gridbox. You'll learn how to easily configure various currencies and units to make your online business convenient for customers from different regions of the world. Also, you can set currency code, symbol, position, and separator.

In the Gridbox dashboard mouseover on the icon Store ➝ Settings ➝ Currency and Units.

Adding new currency

Click Add New Item to add a new currency and fill out all the fields. 



Adds the title of a​ currency.


Adds currency code, e.g. USD, EUR, UAH.

* ISO 4217 codes


Adds a symbol, e.g. $, €, ₴.


Sets the position of a symbol (Left or Right).

Currency Separator

Thousand Separator

Sets the thousand separator (comma, dot, space, none).

Decimal Separator

Sets the decimal separator (comma, dot).

Number of Decimals

Sets the number of decimals.


Exchange Rate

Sets the fixed rate at which one currency can be exchanged for another.

Assign to Language

Sets the language you need to assign a currency.

Automatically update exchange rates

To change the exchange rate automatically in your online store, enable the Automatically Update Exchange Rates option and integrate Exchangerates.


Default Weight Unit

Sets default weight unit (kilograms, grams, pounds).

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